Under Construction


iOS & Android


iPhone, Android and desktop browsers

Development Time

2 years+

Construction projects require a lot of paperwork and planning to be carried out in order to meet industry standards. Plenty of factors have to be taken into account to ensure that all projects are finished in a timely manner and with health and safety as a top priority. Delays are often caused by this excessive amount of paperwork, and thus money is often wasted. But what if there was a solution which minimised these delays by keeping all the paperwork in one place, and closely tracked?

Well, that’s where Under Construction comes in. This savvy little tool is the perfect solution for any Construction Manager or Contractor looking to manage their time and projects efficiently. The app replaces numerous tools, that are often used in this line of work, and combines them into one uniform platform. You can manage anything from clients to jobs, to operatives with the ability to view each project progress with the intelligent timeline.

The app can also be used by operatives and contractors on-site to inspect, keep track of tools and to keep track of the time spent on the project. And the best part? It can all be done in the most remote of locations: the offline mode allows the user to make the most of the app’s features even if there is no signal. Simply input the data and once the signal is detected all data will be synced in the cloud.

Good design is efficient.