Development Time

6 months

Image+ has been providing Hammonds with digital solutions for many years now. Our work has included the development of an Intranet; a file management solution; several customer web portals; an online shop for home furniture, furnishings and accessories; an online bedroom order processing solution; electronic brochures and many printed materials.

Hammonds offers kitchens which are precisely fitted to a customer’s home. The bespoke furniture and fittings Hammonds provides are known for their quality, and the company is renowned for designing wall-to-wall kitchens that bestow a real “wow” factor on a home. Their digital resources need to be just as impressive, and similarly focused on customer needs. Apps Plus has developed 3 mobile apps for Hammonds – for their designers, surveyors and fitters. The business transformation apps have literally transformed their business processes.

Good design matches and enhances an existing brand.


Increased sales

The app has increased sales of £130,000 per month.


Improved processing time

The order process time has reduced from 2 weeks to 2 days.


Life made easy for staff

The app aims for simplicity and is intended to be used by people of all ages and backgrounds on a daily basis. The company depends on its surveyors and designers to be able to easily access and use the app to perform their key tasks quickly and efficiently.