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Bespoke Web apps built from the ground up

Our web apps are built from strong foundations, by experienced app developers, built to be flexible and grow. Web applications allow data to be simply accessible from your web browser, Internet Explorer? Google Chrome? Safari on a iPad? Apps Plus have you covered.

Web applications done by example

We all use web apps on a daily basis, a good example of a web application is the email interface offered by providers such as Gmail or Yahoo, which allow us to check our accounts while on the move. Website applications help you harness the internet. eBay is a web app; so is WikiPedia. Web apps are such powerful tools because they make the internet work for you, making and saving your business money. For instance, the shopping cart that powers your e-commerce website is a way of applying web app technology to make money.

Making you more efficient and cost effective.

Think of all the money you could save simply by being more efficient. Google Calendar, for instance, is a way of plotting appointments and sharing them with the people who need to know them: a centralised means of controlling a business’s data. Web apps are all around us – sometimes it’s just about understanding how the technology can work for you.

Web apps make the repetitive processes of your business a breeze. If your employees find filling in their timesheets time-consuming, or your sales people are having difficulty booking client meetings; if ordering new parts is too tricky for your engineers, or your customer information is difficult to retrieve … a web app can help.

A tailored solution suited to improve your process

Our web app developers at Apps Plus build apps from the ground up, meaning the possibilities and app ideas you have are not restricted. We can take on your process to tailor an app entirely to your business’s particular needs. We will listen to you, understand your business and its processes, and solve your problem by creating a new means of handling your data that is more efficient – and essentially produce a working web app, which will save you money.

Web Applications are a cost effective digital solution

Apps Plus is cost-effective. Bespoke web app development can be expensive, but our mix of technical and consultative experience and expertise means we can deliver quickly and without fuss. Most importantly, all that time our web app will save you is money you’re saving from this day forward.

Web apps offer an excellent way of making the most of today’s technology to make tomorrow’s savings. So contact us to start building the web app that will transform your business, your relationships with your clients, and the way you do data.

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