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Sports Apps – Mobile Applications & Web Applications

Sports apps can be as varied as the sports world itself: from measuring laps to offering tips, sports mobile applications are a huge growth area precisely because they offer users guidance and utility. Mobile applications and web applications have become very popular as businesses are seeing the great potential and benefits which app development could have for a business.

Sports apps are incredibly engaging and rewarding

An app enables a user to perform a specific information-related task: our sport mobile apps customers have grabbed this app revolution, on both web and mobile platforms, with both hands.

Match Observer Sports Mobile Application

Sports apps can be much more frontline, too, however: our rugby referee observer app replaced a complicated, paper-based system with an attractive, intuitive sports mobile application that offered observers quick access to every outcome in-play in an uncluttered interface. Crucially, though it still stored all the necessary data to keep an eye on referees, and improve their training – all available at a tap of the screen.

Match Observer

Brazil World Cup Football Predictor Sports Mobile Application

Sports apps can be for spectators, too: our Brazil World Cup Predictor app, using a sport mobile application system which could be ported to any kind of tournament, offered enthusiastic fans the chance to form leagues, make their predictions, and measure their football knowledge in friendly competition. Sports apps are excellent ways of increasing engagement, raising a tournament’s profile, and encouraging fan activity – and this particular sports app was hugely popular on the Apple App Store.

Football Predictor

Magico Sports Web Application

Magic Sports’ agent have access to lists of football players – both their own and those of others, wherever they are in the world. The network will include detailed statistics on each player, and offers agents the functionality to place requests with individual players to play for specific clubs.

Football Agent

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