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Furniture apps: what are they? – ‘Furniture mobile applications’ might sound like a grand way of referring to some pictures of tables on an iPad, but at Apps Plus we have perfected the art of crafting genuinely useful, intuitive and attractive furniture apps which can enhance your sales and improve your workflow.

Our furniture mobile app for Hammonds Furniture set the benchmark for improving turnaround, costs and customer satisfaction

Take Hammonds Furniture, one of our clients and a leading nationwide furniture retailer with over ninety stores across the country. The furniture app we designed for them was developed in full co-operation with the client: we learned about their business process, came to understand their needs, and fitted a furniture mobile application solution around those particular requirements.

Improving all aspects of the process from Sales to After Care

Every furniture retailer is different, but many will share Hammonds’ issues. They were looking to use the power of furniture apps technology to streamline every stage of their sales, fitting and after-care services. Depending on your needs and the device’s software which you wish to launch the app on, our furniture mobile applications and furniture web applications offer a streamlined method of displaying your range of products attractively, updating your catalogue centrally and to update all of your operatives’ materials instantly. Mobile applications and web applications can become an integral part of how you do business.

Our Hammonds Furniture mobile application guides customers from first contact to final fitting: at initial sales visit, customers are able to enjoy an introduction to the full range of options. Once they have decided the process of ordering and fitting becomes automated. Prior to developing their own furniture mobile application with us, Hammonds Furniture customers would wait for a phone call to book the next stage of the fitting process; the mobile application books that appointment instantly, and customers receive an email within seconds.

Furniture apps make sales easier, payments faster and fitting simpler. There really is no need not to explore the potential of furniture web applications and mobile applications development.

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