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28 Jun 17
Top Three Benefits of Great UX Design

Great UX design is about building a user experience that is rewarding, intuitive and rich. There are tangible and crucial benefits to good UX design which will make your app a success – not least that it will inspire user loyalty, increase take-up and foster good relationships between your company

Written by Nick Clements

21 Jun 17
Top 5 Design Features for Retail Apps

Retail apps allow users to order and pay for the products they need whilst on the go. From Amazon to the Apple Store, companies offer retail apps to expand their customer base, enhance the experience of those users, and improve them own data gathering. According to Internet Retailer, in 2016 reta

Written by Nick Clements

07 Jun 17
Three Ways To Fund Your Mobile App

It's a cliché that has the air of Del Boy: you have to speculate to accumulate. Business people are rightly wary of the wisdom of that supposed verity, but of course, like most commonplaces it has the core of truth: businesses invest because they believe it will bring returns. Let's assume you'r

Written by James Merrix

30 Jan 17
How Apps Are Revolutionising How We Do Business

"The future is already here," "The future is already here," William Gibson, the science fiction writer and futurologist, has said. "It's just not very evenly distributed." What does that mean? Gibson is making a point about global inequalities; but he could just as easily have been talking about

Written by Nick Clements

23 Jan 17
Five Things To Consider Before Creating Your App

Apps can transform businesses, there's no doubt. They have a unique power to streamline and connect, and so it makes sense to explore every avenue in order to uncover how an app can help your processes. That said, simply being sure that apps are a good thing doesn't mean that any one particular p

Written by Nick Clements

30 Nov 16
How Parenting is Made Easier with Data

The Best for Baby Doing your best for your kids is one of the most natural things a person can do. But it might also be increasingly difficult when it comes to making the right purchases. There are so many products aimed at the youngest children out there that it can often be almost impossible t

Written by Nick Clements

08 Apr 16
Interaction Design: That Old Familiar Click

“Interaction design” isn’t the latest theory in online dating or social networking; it’s the set of principles and tools which allow UI/UX designers to guide users through any website or app via subtle feedback points that emphasise their progress or activity. When you hover over a link and

Written by Nick Clements

04 Apr 16
It’s Good To Talk: Slack and Office Communication

For anyone who's ever worked in an unhappy office, finding more ways to communicate with your colleagues might seem like making yourself a hostage to fortune. I'm happy to report, though, that at Image+ we're a pretty happy bunch - and that recently we've found another way, and maybe a better way

Written by James Merrix

05 Jan 16
How An App Can Become A Virtuous Circle

Speaking as a developer, mobile apps are so exciting because of their flexibility: a tweak here and a bit of coding there can enable them to do more or less anything. Focused little widgets of software stored on your smartphone or tablet, a mobile app is like that special screwdriver in that big old

Written by James Merrix

27 Nov 15
Open Sesame: Five keys to great passwords

Barely a day – and certainly never a week – goes by in which digital security is not in the news. Whether ‘fraping’ or cyberwarfare, huge commercial losses of data or lower-level identity theft, the protection we provide to our data is of ever more pressing urgency and relevance. Fro

Written by Steve Jones
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