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07 May 18
How Will Artificial Intelligence Affect Mobile App Marketing?

With the return of HBO’s huge TV hit Westworld to our screens, now might be an inopportune time to talk about artificial intelligence. In that series, set in our own near future, highly intelligent robots in an Old West-styled theme park break free of their programming and start to run amok, t

Written by Steve Jones

23 Apr 18
Should You Outsource Your Mobile App Development?

Outsourcing is often used as a dirty word, but in truth, it is often the best way to get the job done well. In-house expertise often doesn’t stretch to a particular piece of newly developed work – so what to do in that context? You have two choices: build your internal capacity, or … outso

Written by Steve Jones

09 Apr 18
What Factors Affect The Cost of Mobile App Design?

The cost of mobile app design is often perceived by clients to be one of the greatest barriers to adoption of the new technology. Of course, businesses must always undertake rigorous calculations of return on investments and so forth, but the truth is that the cost of mobile app development can

Written by Steve Jones

19 Mar 18
Why Is It Important To Maintain Mobile Apps?

In some iterations of the “watchmaker theory”, which holds that the presence of good design must imply a designer, the creator builds a thing and then walks away from it, allowing it to develop in its own way and disowning further responsibility for it. In theology, that might be an inter

Written by Steve Jones

02 Mar 18
What Are The Benefits of Hybrid Mobile Apps?

Mobile apps are big. The explosion in their use of recent years has seen business scrambling to keep up: the more your customers want to be able to access the companies important to them online, the more you’re going to need to invest in app development. The problem is that many businesses

Written by Steve Jones

19 Feb 18
Mobile Websites Vs. Mobile Apps – What’s the Difference?

Mobile is not just the future: it’s the present. Mobile websites and mobile apps are crucial to any customer-facing business, because their client base is, like all of us, constantly on the go. That means they want to access the goods and services they need on their smartphone or tablet, at le

Written by Steve Jones

06 Feb 18
5 Mobile App Development Trends for 2018

Mobile app development trends move ever on. In 2018, mobile apps are part of the digital furniture – most of us now use at least one regularly, and many use a large number on a daily basis. In this environment, making your app novel and different is the only way to stand out from the crowd.

Written by Steve Jones

19 Jan 18
Tips for Managing White Space on Mobile Websites

Managing white space on mobile websites might at first point seem like a strange thing to think about: isn’t white space, y’know … just sort of there? In truth, designers know that white space – sometimes known as “negative space” – is a crucial element of any design. The absenc

Written by Steve Jones

05 Jan 18
What is the Future of Mobile App Development?

The future of mobile app development is bright, but what exactly will it look like? Any emergent technology can feel like the future already, but in the digital landscape, nothing is standing still for long right now. Any developer worth their salt won’t sit on their laurels – they’ll alwa

Written by Steve Jones

15 Dec 17
How Can You Improve Your UI Animation?

Learning how you can improve your UI animation is no small task – but nor is it one you should avoid. In today’s app design environment, animation is a big deal: applications are ten-a-penny these days, and animated user interfaces add that extra sparkle to an app that can help it stand out

Written by Steve Jones
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