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10 Oct 18
How To Know When Your Mobile App Is Due An Update

Nothing lasts forever. Time stands still for no man … or app. Eventually, your app is going to need an update of one kind or another. The key is to know when – timing is everything. Why update an app at all, though? You’ve spent a lot of time – and probably money – on developing it

Written by Steve Jones

23 Sep 18
5 Benefits of Cloud Mobile Apps

Cloud mobile apps are the latest development in mobile app technology. In this fastest moving of areas, cloud mobile apps unlock new and different functions that may not have been available before. Previously, apps were “native” – in other words, they were installed on your mobile phone

Written by Steve Jones

29 Aug 18
4 Mistakes to Avoid When Launching Your Mobile App

You’ve made a significant investment of time and resources; you’ve built an app you think can improve your customers’ experience of your services; and you’re all ready to launch what should be a transformative piece of software for your business. Stop and think. Because there are some

Written by Steve Jones

27 Aug 18
3 New iOS 11 Features to Consider for Your Mobile App

The latest iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system has been with us for a while now, and mobile app developers have been getting to grips with it. They have no choice – though in terms of numbers iPhones don’t dominate the smartphone market, in terms of trends and kudos they really do

Written by Steve Jones

22 Aug 18
iOS vs Android – Which Platform Is Right For Me?

Designing and building a mobile app involves choices: of purpose and interface, of course, but perhaps most importantly of the platform. There is some debate about the wisdom of native apps versus hybrid ones: whether it’s at all necessary to build a particular application to be “native” to

Written by Steve Jones

20 Aug 18
How Can I Increase Mobile App Engagement & User Retention?

All that effort designing and building your brand new mobile app will be for nothing if you fail to achieve customer loyalty. Ensuring you retain your users – that your app becomes part of their experience of your company and a genuinely useful tool to which they return again and again – is

Written by Steve Jones

13 Aug 18
Can A Mobile App Benefit My E-Commerce Website?

Apps are everywhere, and they do more or less everything in one way or another: you can plan your train journey on one, check your email on another; you can open and export documents, map a route, check your bank account, make your phone into a WiFi hotspot. Apps can be transformative. But ca

Written by Steve Jones

10 Aug 18
How To Optimise Content For Mobile Apps

“Content” can, for so simple a word, be a confusing term. We hear a lot about content marketing, content strategy, and content management – but what does this really mean? Put at its most basic, “content” is any material viewed by a user – images, interaction points, text. Content is

Written by Steve Jones

08 Aug 18
What Are The Benefits of Mobile App Deep Linking?

Deep links are your friends. The benefits of mobile app deep linking are numerous and should be integrated into any development plan. Building an app with a very flat structure might seem sensible, but in fact, deep linking can add serious functionality for your users. A deep link, in case yo

Written by Steve Jones

24 Jul 18
Really Awesome App for Really Awesome Coffee

It sometimes feels like coffee – not money, oil or love – makes the world go round. Every single day, millions of us walk from meeting to meeting, or home to office, with a cup of the black gold in our hands. So ubiquitous is the daily cup of joe, in fact, that you might think there’s no r

Written by admin
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