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Leading Providers of Mobile App Development to Dubai, UAE

We are an app development company with a dedicated and experienced team who provide a variety of professional quality mobile apps, web apps, TV apps, and watch apps to Dubai and UAE.

We create apps for various devices and purposes, our portfolio of clients ranges from Peugeot and Citroen to PureGym & Mozzo Coffee, and more. If you’re in Dubai or the UAE and need app development services to boost your income and improve your business, we can do it for you.

Dubai Application Sectors – Capital Markets, Maritime, Transport, Real Estate & Retail

At Apps Plus we have the tools and experience to make great user friendly applications for any industry. Dubai is currently seeing great economic advances from capital markets, maritime, transport, real estate and retail sectors. If you’re involved with these sectors we have the means to advance your business with clean, modern applications that are tailored to work for you in the best way possible.
Below are just some of the areas we are able to develop sleek and successful applications for, covering multiple platforms and keeping quality and usability at the heart of it all:

  • Capital Market Apps

    Stock trading apps are becoming increasingly popular as they allow instant access to shares and the buying and selling of them can be done quickly on the move. If you’re a company in Dubai or UAE who deals in this sector then having your own app developed can be very beneficial and increase customers and sales drastically.

  • Consulting apps

    Consulting is big business in Dubai and if you’re a Dubai consultancy company that doesn’t have an application developed then you could be missing out on a large amount of business. Communication clearly plays a big role in consultancy and millions of people already use apps as a means of communicating as it allows for instant and easy communication on the go. We can develop an app tailored to your consultancy company that makes communication easy for both the company and the customers.

  • Retail apps

    Retail applications can make business so much smoother and easier for both the customer and the company, a huge number of people use apps constantly to purchase goods and if you’re in retail without your own app you’re missing out on this huge cluster of potential customers. Retail is one of Dubai’s strongest sectors and if you’re putting your business out in as many places as possible and making your services accessible then you’re not only keeping up with or getting ahead of competitors, but you’re also allowing customers to more easily use and trust your establishment.

Mobile App Development Services

We develop mobile apps for android devices as well as iOS devices so your app can reach huge audiences without being tied down to just one of the mainstream operating systems. Mobile apps are great for boosting enterprise and are one of the most useful tools in modern business. We have experience developing many varieties of mobile applications for many clients and we’re proud to be able to offer our customers great professional quality mobile apps that show their value in the returns they produce.

Web Application Development Services

We offer great web app services to Dubai & the UAE with professional designs that make information easily accessible. Whether you need a web application developed for Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari, we have you covered here at apps plus.

TV Application Development Services

With the growing popularity of smart TV’s and internet enabled TV boxes, TV applications are becoming increasingly more important for both businesses and customers alike. We offer sleek and highly user friendly TV applications to Dubai & the UAE that are a great way to future proof your business and attract the new generation of app users.

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