Cloud Transformation

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Cloud Transformation

Utilising cloud technology can be an opportunity for businesses to develop a competitive edge and respond to new opportunities.

According to the Cloud Industry Forum, more than 72% of organisations are expected to adopt Digital Transformation strategies within the next two years.

Are you ready for a digital transformation?


What is Cloud Transformation?

The cloud is an internet-based service which allows you to store information and access applications through the internet. Cloud transformation is the process of migrating your business’ current IT infrastructure to the cloud. Due to this migration, your files, documents, and applications can be stored and accessed via the cloud.

Apps Plus can help with the development of your transformation strategy. Our business app solutions can help streamline and facilitate the retention of as much control over your online infrastructure as you would with an offline infrastructure.





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How Can Cloud Technology Integrate with Businesses?

The adoption of the Cloud provides an opportunity for businesses to reach their digital potential as Cloud services offer a dynamic and limitless IT resource solution.

One of the main benefits of the Cloud is its ability to work with Big Data. Before the Cloud existed, Big Data used to be expensive and technically challenging. However, with the development of cloud services and technologies, businesses that are dealing with Big Data can greatly benefit from utilising Cloud technology.

Big Data can be processed and stored over the cloud to reduce costs and increase efficiency. This means that you can reduce your expenditure of expensive equipment which is designed to store or process large quantities of information.

Cloud technology can be integrated into both small businesses and large businesses.

Small Business: 

  • Work On the Go. – All of your files, documents and applications can be stored and accessed through the internet via apps that have been developed for a variety of devices.
  • Cloud is Affordable. – You only need to pay for the storage you require based on your usage requirements.
  • Less Expenditure. – With the Cloud, everything is hosted through the internet so you do not need to invest in dedicated servers or hardware.
  • Increased Security. – With your files and data stored in the cloud (on the internet), if your computer gets damaged or stolen, you can still access and obtain copies of everything.

Large Business:

  • Scalable Infrastructure. – The Cloud offers a flexible solution for IT infrastructure as you can expand or reduce your infrastructure depending on your business needs.
  • More efficient processes. – The integration of Cloud services means that there will be less equipment to manage and maintain.
  • Back-up your data. – Cloud servers allow you to back-up important information. This ensures that your data will be safe in the event of an emergency.
  • Improved collaboration. – As your files and applications are hosted through the internet, multiple users can work on the same file. This improves productivity and collaboration between users.

How Can Apps Plus Help with Cloud Transformation?

As leading mobile application developers, we have worked with numerous businesses in a variety of industries, so we can understand your needs and your business.

Our team of qualified app development and digital specialists can help you define a cloud transformation plan which enables you to develop apps that in-time help reduce costs whilst increasing your growth potential. Once we have defined a strategy that suits your business needs, we can help you deploy and migrate your IT infrastructure.

Implementing Cloud Transformation will revolutionise your business from an unorganised mess to an arranged system, this will keep data in an orderly format which will help your business flourish. Cloud technology is at the forefront of data storage in recent times, more and more businesses transitioning to cloud technology because of how unique it is compared to anything that is out there at the moment.

If your business requires a cloud transformation, then please contact our friendly experts on 024 7683 4780 or email us at