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19 Feb 18
Mobile Websites Vs. Mobile Apps – What’s the Difference?

Mobile is not just the future: it’s the present. Mobile websites and mobile apps are crucial to any customer-facing business, because their client base is, like all of us, constantly on the go. That means they want to access the goods and services they need on their smartphone or tablet, at le

Written by Steve Jones

30 Jan 17
How Apps Are Revolutionising How We Do Business

"The future is already here," "The future is already here," William Gibson, the science fiction writer and futurologist, has said. "It's just not very evenly distributed." What does that mean? Gibson is making a point about global inequalities; but he could just as easily have been talking about

Written by Nick Clements

23 Jan 17
Five Things To Consider Before Creating Your App

Apps can transform businesses, there's no doubt. They have a unique power to streamline and connect, and so it makes sense to explore every avenue in order to uncover how an app can help your processes. That said, simply being sure that apps are a good thing doesn't mean that any one particular p

Written by Nick Clements

30 Nov 16
How Parenting is Made Easier with Data

The Best for Baby Doing your best for your kids is one of the most natural things a person can do. But it might also be increasingly difficult when it comes to making the right purchases. There are so many products aimed at the youngest children out there that it can often be almost impossible t

Written by Nick Clements

27 Nov 15
Open Sesame: Five keys to great passwords

Barely a day – and certainly never a week – goes by in which digital security is not in the news. Whether ‘fraping’ or cyberwarfare, huge commercial losses of data or lower-level identity theft, the protection we provide to our data is of ever more pressing urgency and relevance. Fro

Written by Steve Jones

03 Oct 15
Why Version Control Isn’t Just For Rude Emails

Have you ever drafted a tricky email so many times that you lost track of which one would be the best to send? Usually your first draft is the least polite, so it can be pretty important to get things right! As a coder you might expect me to say this, but making sure that the strings of charact

Written by Ryan O'Doherty

20 Sep 15
Why Sharing is Good Business: The Client Relationship

Let me get this blog's boast out of the way early: as you read this in increasingly wintry Blighty, I'm flying to Australia, where the sun is out. Having got that off my chest with apologies, let me get to the heart of what I wanted this blog to be about: relationships. From a friendship to a

Written by Nick Clements

04 Feb 15
Web Apps for Office Work

Office web apps are all about productivity: improving it, unlocking it … unleashing it! Like all web applications, office web apps help people access functionality wherever they are, connecting them to productivity tools via a web browser wherever they are connected to the internet via a range of

Written by Nick Clements

29 Jan 15
Web Application Tools Review for Developers

Web application tools are the widgets, packages and runtime environments we all use to make web application development that little bit easier. Web applications can be tricky beasts: with cross-platform compatibility, display and speed issues all asking serious questions of the developer, it can be

Written by Nick Clements

14 Jan 15
C# Web Application Tips

A C# web application is a web app written in the programming language known as C#. For those unable to tell their PERL from their PHP, C# is a type of code for running computer programmes. It was developed by Microsoft for using within the .NET software framework that essentially runs Windows. It ha

Written by Steve Jones
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