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25 Jun 18
How Making Apps is Like Baking Bread (No, Really)

Gather the right ingredients in exactly the right quantities. Mix just so. Gently knead into the proper shape, allot exactly the right amount of time for proving … and, whatever you do, don’t wind up with something half-baked. Yes, obviously we’re talking about the process of designing

Written by Steve Jones

15 Dec 17
How Can You Improve Your UI Animation?

Learning how you can improve your UI animation is no small task – but nor is it one you should avoid. In today’s app design environment, animation is a big deal: applications are ten-a-penny these days, and animated user interfaces add that extra sparkle to an app that can help it stand out

Written by Steve Jones

10 Nov 17
3 Tips for Great Wearable App Design

Tips for wearable app design have more currency than ever. Blogs like this of all shapes and sizes are offering their two cents on this topic because wearable tech is such an exciting area of current development and innovation. Whether a watch or a wristband, or even socks and shoes, wearable

Written by Steve Jones

30 Nov 16
How Parenting is Made Easier with Data

The Best for Baby Doing your best for your kids is one of the most natural things a person can do. But it might also be increasingly difficult when it comes to making the right purchases. There are so many products aimed at the youngest children out there that it can often be almost impossible t

Written by Nick Clements

08 Apr 16
Interaction Design: That Old Familiar Click

“Interaction design” isn’t the latest theory in online dating or social networking; it’s the set of principles and tools which allow UI/UX designers to guide users through any website or app via subtle feedback points that emphasise their progress or activity. When you hover over a link and

Written by Nick Clements

07 Aug 15
Design tips for creating the best mobile app experience

the starting line to achieving any good user interface and mobile app design – The grid system. Just like any good design layout in any medium, the foundation of our work starts on a grid system. There is an invisible grid under every surface of the apps we use on a daily basis, and it is these

Written by Nick Clements

07 Aug 15
Design Tips for Creating an Awesome Mobile App Experience

Part 2: Making our app function When we consider functionality within any application, we should always come back to the outlining question: “Can the user carry out the task in an effortless and seamless manner?” Many designers take the approach in thinking the answer is achieved with innovat

Written by Nick Clements
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