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19 Dec 18
Tips for a Successful Smart Watch App

The smartwatch has come a long way. From the butt of Dick Tracy-inspired jokes, it has become an essential smartphone accessory for many. It offers in a very small, convenient package instant access to notifications of all kinds, as well as offering the potential to control a range of functio

Written by Steve Jones

10 Nov 17
3 Tips for Great Wearable App Design

Tips for wearable app design have more currency than ever. Blogs like this of all shapes and sizes are offering their two cents on this topic because wearable tech is such an exciting area of current development and innovation. Whether a watch or a wristband, or even socks and shoes, wearable

Written by Steve Jones

28 Oct 17
Top 5 Uses of Watch Apps for Businesses

The Apple Watch is the newest bit of tech to emerge from California’s gurus of tech design, and as such is still at the stage of its development that the iPhone was a decade ago: finding its feet. In other words, and although there are many great apps already available on the platform, many

Written by Steve Jones

22 Sep 17
How Can Watch Apps Benefit My Business?

The Apple Watch 3 launched this week, alongside Apple’s flagship iPhone X, so it seems as good a time as any to assess how watch apps can benefit a business. The Apple Watch is easily the most visible of the wearable tech devices now on the market, but it is by no means the only product on

Written by Steve Jones
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