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06 Feb 18
5 Mobile App Development Trends for 2018

Mobile app development trends move ever on. In 2018, mobile apps are part of the digital furniture – most of us now use at least one regularly, and many use a large number on a daily basis. In this environment, making your app novel and different is the only way to stand out from the crowd.

Written by Steve Jones

26 Aug 17
The Business Benefits of Using Chatbots in Mobile Apps

The chatbots are among us, and they are of benefit to your business. Think more Lieutenant Commander Data than the Terminator, C-3P0 rather than an evil Decepticon. In fact, think more of that window that sometimes pops up on your competitor's website, asking if you need any help. That's a chatb

Written by Steve Jones

04 Aug 17
The Common Challenges of Wearable App Development

Wearble app development is the new frontier – and it has all the teething troubles of any sort of fresh challenge. Wearable tech is a great example of how app development is the fastest-moving area of digital design. Only a few years ago, smartphone apps were just a nascent technology; now, th

Written by James Merrix

07 Jun 17
Three Ways To Fund Your Mobile App

It's a cliché that has the air of Del Boy: you have to speculate to accumulate. Business people are rightly wary of the wisdom of that supposed verity, but of course, like most commonplaces it has the core of truth: businesses invest because they believe it will bring returns. Let's assume you'r

Written by James Merrix

30 Jan 17
How Apps Are Revolutionising How We Do Business

"The future is already here," "The future is already here," William Gibson, the science fiction writer and futurologist, has said. "It's just not very evenly distributed." What does that mean? Gibson is making a point about global inequalities; but he could just as easily have been talking about

Written by Nick Clements

04 Apr 16
It’s Good To Talk: Slack and Office Communication

For anyone who's ever worked in an unhappy office, finding more ways to communicate with your colleagues might seem like making yourself a hostage to fortune. I'm happy to report, though, that at Image+ we're a pretty happy bunch - and that recently we've found another way, and maybe a better way

Written by James Merrix

05 Jan 16
How An App Can Become A Virtuous Circle

Speaking as a developer, mobile apps are so exciting because of their flexibility: a tweak here and a bit of coding there can enable them to do more or less anything. Focused little widgets of software stored on your smartphone or tablet, a mobile app is like that special screwdriver in that big old

Written by James Merrix

26 Oct 15
Content and Development: The Entente “Code-ial”

My job title is ‘Senior Developer’, and that conjures for many pictures of code-surfing and digital tinkering. That’s certainly part of the developer’s role: whether for a piece of software, a new app or a website, we design and program stuff. We’re like a twenty-first century watch-m

Written by James Merrix

24 Jan 15
How Web Applications can Improve Business Profitability

Web application development can be the key to unlocking hidden potential with your business. The systems and processes that power your business activity are, of course, governed by limitations of time, manpower, accessibility and other factors which limit the capacity of your staff to attain the pro

Written by Steve Jones

08 Dec 14
State of the UK Mobile App Development Industry

Mobile app development has been with us for not even a decade, and yet it is an area of huge growth and innovation. Mobile app developers across the UK are putting an awful lot of time and expertise into designing the software through which a growing number of users can experience the web’s data.

Written by Robert Stoubos
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