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17 Apr 19
5 Mobile App Development Trends for 2019

Mobile apps march every onwards, increasingly dominating the way we access the internet – and in particular how we access services online. The pace of change does look set to slow in 2019, so we’ve been keeping an eye on the latest trends. Our clients certainly appreciate it – and we thou

Written by Steve Jones

03 Apr 19
How Can Your App Benefit From Real-Time Functionality?

The world of mobile apps is so exciting – and so enticing – because it is constantly developing. New possibilities open up on a seemingly daily – but certainly annual – basis, and users expect app providers to move seamlessly and swiftly with the times. Real-time functionality is a ca

Written by Steve Jones

26 Feb 19
What Is Mobile Commerce?

mCommerce isn’t a new menu item to be found under the famous Golden Arches (other fast food outlets are available). It stands for mobile commerce, and it’s the future. If it isn’t to be found in a Happy Meal, though, what precisely is “mobile commerce”? This one’s relatively easy: it

Written by Steve Jones

13 Feb 19
What Are Progressive Web Apps?

“Progressive web app”: in a sector sometimes awash with jargon, here’s another term you need to learn. The good news is that it has a pretty simple definition. The even better news is that we attach it to a type of app that is seriously useful and could really help your business. Tradit

Written by Steve Jones

15 Jan 19
How Mobile Apps Can Benefit Gyms

We most often write about apps in general on this blog. The truth is, though, that one of the most important general rules of mobile app development is that every app is specific! That means that each app should be tailored precisely for its purpose and sector – which can sometimes mean that t

Written by Steve Jones

05 Dec 18
Why Choose A Mobile App Development Agency?

DIY was a big thing in home improvement for a long time. It’s less so now than formerly – several DIY-focused chains of stores have experienced difficulties in recent years – and maybe that’s because cash-strapped homeowners have tighter budgets for home improvements. But it might als

Written by Steve Jones

20 Nov 18
How Often Should I Update My App?

Mobile apps never stand still. Instead, a first release is followed by a second and a third. Software requires constant updates - to keep up with changes to operating systems or customer expectations, to patch bugs that didn’t emerge during the first phase of testing or to add new functiona

Written by Steve Jones

08 Nov 18
How A Mobile App Can Benefit Retailers

By 2015, the UK has the third largest e-commerce sector in the world. In that year, the most recent for which we have full figures, British shoppers spent £533bn online – and provisional figures suggest this figure has increased year-on-year since then. This year, 78% of us will make at le

Written by Steve Jones

23 Oct 18
What Do Start-ups Need To Know Before Building An App?

We are all used to using the apps of large businesses: the Amazon app, or our online banking software, are daily experiences for many of us. But the benefits of apps aren’t confined to big corporations and their customers. In fact, start-ups can be among the best-placed organisations to lev

Written by Steve Jones

10 Oct 18
How To Know When Your Mobile App Is Due An Update

Nothing lasts forever. Time stands still for no man … or app. Eventually, your app is going to need an update of one kind or another. The key is to know when – timing is everything. Why update an app at all, though? You’ve spent a lot of time – and probably money – on developing it

Written by Steve Jones
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