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17 Apr 19
5 Mobile App Development Trends for 2019

Mobile apps march every onwards, increasingly dominating the way we access the internet – and in particular how we access services online. The pace of change does look set to slow in 2019, so we’ve been keeping an eye on the latest trends. Our clients certainly appreciate it – and we thou

Written by Steve Jones

13 Feb 19
What Are Progressive Web Apps?

“Progressive web app”: in a sector sometimes awash with jargon, here’s another term you need to learn. The good news is that it has a pretty simple definition. The even better news is that we attach it to a type of app that is seriously useful and could really help your business. Tradit

Written by Steve Jones

15 Jan 19
How Mobile Apps Can Benefit Gyms

We most often write about apps in general on this blog. The truth is, though, that one of the most important general rules of mobile app development is that every app is specific! That means that each app should be tailored precisely for its purpose and sector – which can sometimes mean that t

Written by Steve Jones

19 Dec 18
Tips for a Successful Smart Watch App

The smartwatch has come a long way. From the butt of Dick Tracy-inspired jokes, it has become an essential smartphone accessory for many. It offers in a very small, convenient package instant access to notifications of all kinds, as well as offering the potential to control a range of functio

Written by Steve Jones

10 Aug 18
How To Optimise Content For Mobile Apps

“Content” can, for so simple a word, be a confusing term. We hear a lot about content marketing, content strategy, and content management – but what does this really mean? Put at its most basic, “content” is any material viewed by a user – images, interaction points, text. Content is

Written by Steve Jones

25 Jun 18
How Making Apps is Like Baking Bread (No, Really)

Gather the right ingredients in exactly the right quantities. Mix just so. Gently knead into the proper shape, allot exactly the right amount of time for proving … and, whatever you do, don’t wind up with something half-baked. Yes, obviously we’re talking about the process of designing

Written by Steve Jones

09 Apr 18
What Factors Affect The Cost of Mobile App Design?

The cost of mobile app design is often perceived by clients to be one of the greatest barriers to adoption of the new technology. Of course, businesses must always undertake rigorous calculations of return on investments and so forth, but the truth is that the cost of mobile app development can

Written by Steve Jones

19 Mar 18
Why Is It Important To Maintain Mobile Apps?

In some iterations of the “watchmaker theory”, which holds that the presence of good design must imply a designer, the creator builds a thing and then walks away from it, allowing it to develop in its own way and disowning further responsibility for it. In theology, that might be an inter

Written by Steve Jones

06 Feb 18
5 Mobile App Development Trends for 2018

Mobile app development trends move ever on. In 2018, mobile apps are part of the digital furniture – most of us now use at least one regularly, and many use a large number on a daily basis. In this environment, making your app novel and different is the only way to stand out from the crowd.

Written by Steve Jones

19 Jan 18
Tips for Managing White Space on Mobile Websites

Managing white space on mobile websites might at first point seem like a strange thing to think about: isn’t white space, y’know … just sort of there? In truth, designers know that white space – sometimes known as “negative space” – is a crucial element of any design. The absenc

Written by Steve Jones
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