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01 Feb 19

In the post-Christmas slump of January, it's not everyone that finds themselves happy to have doubled in size. All those Terry's chocolate oranges might be sources of regret now that February has arrived, but we're actually pretty happy with how much we've grown recently - mostly because it's

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24 Jul 18
Really Awesome App for Really Awesome Coffee

It sometimes feels like coffee – not money, oil or love – makes the world go round. Every single day, millions of us walk from meeting to meeting, or home to office, with a cup of the black gold in our hands. So ubiquitous is the daily cup of joe, in fact, that you might think there’s no r

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04 Jul 18
The Swan in the Studio

We don’t like to think of ourselves as ugly ducklings; no one’s ever called us one to our face, at any ra We’re also keen to assert that the websites and apps we design boast beautiful plumage. No, really: no feathers, either stubby or brown, find their way out of our office. But the

Written by Steve Jones

29 Jun 18
Driving Cars for Jaguar Land Rover: It’s A Tough Gig

Being a business based in Coventry Warwickshire, it’s pretty much part of the deal that as a company we have to big fans of Jaguar Land Rover. But it’s not such a hard enthusiasm to espouse: what’s not to like? For any petrolhead – and we have a few on staff – JLR’s products are spec

Written by Steve Jones

05 Jan 16
How An App Can Become A Virtuous Circle

Speaking as a developer, mobile apps are so exciting because of their flexibility: a tweak here and a bit of coding there can enable them to do more or less anything. Focused little widgets of software stored on your smartphone or tablet, a mobile app is like that special screwdriver in that big old

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