Willmott Dixon


iOS and Android


Mobile and tablets

Development Time

3 months

Willmott Dixon Key Information App

We developed an app used to push information to employees in the way of short updates about latest legislation, and Health & Safety (H&S) practices. The app ‘pushes’ this information to users via four sub-headings, and allows interaction with updates and searching for key contacts.

Powerful Search Algorithms

Providing employees with updates on Quality, Sustainability, Marketing and H&S, the app offers a latest news feed to keep staff connected. With an in-built address book, real-time notifications and tight data security, it is a key part of Wilmott Dixon’s staff communications.

Direct Communication With Every Employee

Because the app is accessible across all platforms and devices, it enables Willmott Dixon to be sure that communications have been received by every relevant member of staff.

Offers Analytics to Monitor Access

Via a back-end system, system administrators can monitor usage rates, narrowing down by interaction type, individual users and popular content.

Instant, Intuitive Access

The app sits on the user’s device as a distinct icon, and boasts instant log-in. With a seamless user interface, interaction with content is easy and encouraged.

Provides Complete Control Over Content

The app boasts a Content Management System (CMS), so Willmott Dixon can add content to the relevant sections at will, via a predefined template.

“This is a private app, and we therefore needed to consider the best distribution methods. To that end, the app makes use of user groups, so that only the correct people receive the relevant content. To allow this user-centred approach, but also make the app as easy to use as possible, login is required upon download, but never again unless the user chooses to log out.

“The app also makes access to the latest updates easy – and encourages users to engage with and explore this content. The app therefore sends badge notifications about new content to users identified as relevant to that data. Following a notification, the user is directed to that piece of content directly.”