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1 month

It may not be a surprise to read that light aircraft can be expensive. So too, can the equipment any pilot needs in order to be safe. Priorities as fundamental as avoiding in-air collision rely on technology that comes at a price. The GPS and navigational systems that keep light aircraft safe are sometimes not even compatible with each other – meaning often that a pilot needs to invest in both, just in case. They also aren’t even mandatory – if your plane doesn’t have one, you simply use your eyes!

Spacass is a low-cost solution to this situation. Designed by a long-term pilot and aircraft engineer, Spacass is a mobile app which utilises the GPS capabilities of a smartphone to keep light aircraft a safe distance from each other. Including in-flight alerts and detailed mapping, Spacass is both inexpensive and comprehensive. Not only that, but it can interface with other systems and enjoys considerable cross-compatibility – making it a complete solution for in-flight navigation for light aircraft.

Good design is cost-effective.