iOS and Android


iPhones, iPads, Android Phones and other Android Devices.

Development Time

6 months – spec, design and build

SoccerPots is a football gambling platform with a twist. It allows family and friends to place bets against each other and compete for the cash pot, whilst also complying with all gambling regulations. 

Fixtures for all popular leagues are added in the prefilled lists, so each week you can simply choose which one to bet on and how much. Or, you can add in your own fixtures for your local teams.

Once all bets are placed all that remains is waiting for the results. The winners get the value of the cash pot distributed evenly and are notified of their victory via push notifications. Users can also view their performance-stats in account view.

Fancy a challenge?

Join public leagues run by the app curators to take the competition up a notch.

Good design is responsible.