Really Awesome Coffee


iOS and Android


iPhone, iPad, Android mobile devices and desktop computers

Development Time

12 months

Really Awesome Coffee’s vans (there are over 30 across the UK) pay visits to offices and business parks every day: mobile, high-quality coffee houses making the regular coffee run a lot easier. They operate on a franchise basis – so the concept’s room for growth is huge. There was a catch, though: when it rains, or is cold a portable coffee house is less attractive a prospect.

The idea was simple: users could register with their local van, and, when the vehicle is on its way to their location, they will receive a push notification prompting them to order and pay before the truck arrives. The baristas then simply serve the shivering customers in the queue, then the customers in turn who have ordered via the App. As soon as each coffee is ready, the driver notifies the customer staying warm and dry in their office, and they pop out to collect their coffees, come rain or shine! Not only that, but we included automatic reporting for franchises – replacing a laborious manual process – which can power optimisation of stock levels and sales monitoring. For the customer, meanwhile, discounts and loyalty points can be earned and claimed.

Good design, like great coffee, makes the world go round.