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Pro 21 Logistics Web Application

Apps are a great way of crunching data and laying it out in a manner that makes sense. When your company lives and dies by how well it handles its logistics, the power of the app to visualise complicated data flows – and allow you access to them – can make a real difference to your efficiency. That’s how the app we developed for Pro21 works: it collates a range of data into a simple stream which the business’s customers can use to track, book and price up their orders quickly and easily. Apps don’t just improve businesses – they can improve customer experiences, too.

Platforms and Devices

Web Application

Logistics lead from the app

Pro21 is an independent same-day courier service with vehicles ranging from small vans and transits, right through to 7.5 tonne trucks.

The firm provides a twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week service. That sort of activity, disparate and dispersed, makes significant demands on their processes – and a web application seemed a perfect way of making things simpler and more streamlined.

That’s why we developed a web application which Pro 21 can use in order to book, manage and invoice their jobs.

Adding efficiency

Using the web app, customers can monitor the progress of their consignments online and in real time. Likewise, account customers can book online and obtain quotations. Meanwhile, invoices are generated by the web app and emailed to customers, reducing time-consuming administration.

That makes Pro 21 more efficient – all thanks to a web application.

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