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The branded app ideal for presentations

We all have different things to say, and different ways of saying them.That can mean that making the most of the mobile app revolution seems difficult: designing an iPad application, or any other mobile application, which effectively sells your products and services is hard work, time-consuming and often expensive. Designed specifically for businesses who want a cost-effective – but customisable – way of tapping into the mobile app market, Magpie is the ready-built mobile app that you can make speak your language fast. It’ll be just what your customer wants to hear.

Platforms and Devices

iPad App

Presented your way, with your brand

Magpie collects all this information, sorts and orders it, and push it out from your head office to as many employee iPads as you wish. Whoever you have in the field – whether salespeople or managers at a meeting, students in the classroom or customers in the showroom – they’ll have instant access to the information you want your customers to see.

The app’s interface looks great and is completely customisable, meaning that not only will your client enjoy viewing your information, they’ll experience your brand at the same time.

However you want to display your best content, Magpie lets you: in the right folders, in the right way, to the right people.

Your Data, Anywhere: Magpie for iPad

In our experience, many businesses have similar needs. For every client that needs a bespoke solution, some only have the need – and the budget – for an out-of-the-box app that does what is necessary, straight away.

Magpie is the ready-built app that can be branded for you to give you your own company App.

Whatever your business, you’ll have material you like to show the client: brochures and images, videos and audio which help to sell your company and its services. Magpie lets you show your best side in a uniform, attractive and intuitive way.

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Application development starts with a conversation. All our app projects are shaped around the customer.