Pistachio View


iOS and Android


iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

Development Time

6 months

In the digital age, potential customers expect more and more high-quality content before they will make a purchase. Increasingly, too, they expect that content to be tailored – and to speak to their needs directly. That places particular demands on companies looking to win them over: how to understand those needs, for one, but also how to provide that content directly and easily to the potential client. Having designed it expressly for a client with a real vision, we’re happy to say that Pistachio View is the answer.

Pistachio View is a digital platform which permits the upload and sharing of video, audio and photography by its users to specific clients. Perhaps a wedding venue has been asked for footage of its gardens, or a conference centre has been asked for photography of its catering options; either way, they can use Pistachio View to store and send that bespoke content to the leads who have requested it. This flexible platform is open to any such use – to clothes retailers or pubs and clubs, car salespeople or estate agents. With full branding options available too, Pistachio View can be very rapidly be integrated with your other communication tools – and will quickly become a key means of converting customers.

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