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Peugeot Data Capture App

Peugeot are a long-term client of ours, and as part of our service we are always looking for ways to make digital technologies unlock new benefits for them. This data capture app is simultaneously a comprehensive brochure and a means to develop customer relationships.

Platforms and Devices


Showcase Specs. Capture Data.

Designed for the company’s salesmen and dealers to deploy at car shows, this app offers them access to information about every car in Peugeot’s line, updated regularly by company HQ. Ideal for offering facts and figures to potential customers in situations when eye-catching and engaging presentations make all the difference, the app can also capture a customer’s details, organise them a test drive – and send out a paper brochure to their home.

Converting Interest Into Sales

“Image+ is an approved website developer for PSA Peugeot Citroën. In the past three years Image+ has been contracted to build around ten websites and two web applications for PSA Peugeot Citroën.

“This web application offers a comprehensive document management system that can be used to manage and distribute a range of marketing materials such as large photographs, video files, product and pricing information. The systems are used by a variety of users such as dealers, agencies, and leasing companies – all with different access rights. In addition, it offers key interaction points that can help leads become customers.”

Benefits of the app

All Your Data, At Your Fingertips

Convenience is this app’s watchword. It eliminates the need for piles of paper – and significantly reduces the risk of out-of-date information making it to the customer.

Cal Your Customers To Action

At any car show, heads are turned in every direction – it’s easy to go home having committed to nothing. This app gives them the chance to make meaningful contact and book that test drive.

Shareable Across Your Staff-base

From a salesman in Suffolk to a dealer in Durham, the app enables Peugeot to push the latest data to every relevant partner and member of staff – sharing the latest specs instantly.

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