Mobile, tablet and desktop

Development Time

8 months

The 360-degree feedback process is a valuable employee assessment mechanism, particularly for people in leadership positions. Encouraging feedback not just from a line manager but from subordinates and colleagues, too, the system is a great way to appreciate an individual ‘in the round’. But it can also be demanding, with so many participants and so much data to keep track of. As in so many other works of life, app technology can help.

The Feedo app provides feedback questionnaires for individuals and managers and is capable of collating all the data and metrics necessary to a full 360-degree evaluation. It boasts an intuitive, attractive interface – crucial to the success of the app, and one of the key ways in which the Apps Plus team helped MTD improve on a previous iteration of the app. Improving the experience of users will increase take-up of your app – and make sure they are able simply to pick it up and run with it. Feedo is meant to make a complex undertaking easier – and that’s exactly what it achieves.

Good design streamlines processes.