iOS, Android and web


Mobile, tablets and desktops

Development Time

6 months

The Manufacturing Technology Centre is the most remarkable manufacturing facility anywhere in the UK. Purpose-built and brilliantly managed, it is a state-of-the-art-site aimed at developing innovative new manufacturing techniques in a low-risk environment that can flex around a given project’s needs. A partnership between academia, industry and government, MTC seeks to deliver bespoke manufacturing solutions for clients in sectors of all kinds.

In this sort of environment, health and safety is always of crucial importance – and MTC takes their responsibilities extremely seriously. Of course, in a facility the size of the MTC it can be hard to keep track of every corner constantly. We devised a solution: an app which essentially makes it very quick and easy to report a potential issue. An iOS and Android app that has replaced a paper-based system, the MTC app enables users across the site to record any H&S issues they spot. Depending on the risk, issues are escalated to the appropriate level within MTC via the app.

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