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Mozzo Coffee App

We developed a quality control app for this high-end supplier of roasted coffee beans. The app’s purpose was to minimise quality variation, reduce admin time, and incentivise baristas. Crucially, it is both a collector and an interpreter of live data, making performance statistics quicker and easier to access.

Platforms and Devices

iOS App
Web Application

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Twin Elements

The Mozzo app has two separate elements: mobile app running on the smartphones of Mozzo auditors, which captures data during audits of individual coffee areas and machines, as well as their baristas; and a web app accessible via a computer which collates the data for manipulation and distribution.

Storing, Collating and Comparing Quality Data

Each individual audit is ‘time-stamped’ by the smartphone app, with the time and date of each audit then stored within the web app for later collation and comparison.

“In order to monitor the performance at a service area, each element that is checked receives a ‘score’. In this way, key performance indicators can be set up and reviewed on a continual basis.

“Once the audit for a service area is completed, the auditor moves on to the next service area at that venue until all the machines have been audited. If the auditor has internet access while carrying out the audits, the App can upload audit results to the web app either at the end of each service areas audit, or once all service areas have been completed for a particular venue. Alternatively, data can be saved and uploaded later.”

Benefits of the app

Gets The Information To Those Who Need It

Different Mozzo users enjoy different access levels – Directors see all audits, for example, but auditors only their own. Customer users, too, are granted similarly discrete access.

Visualises Data Instantly

The app’s dashboard offers immediate access on logging in to key metrics and statistics. Via an interactive map, users can zoom in on specific locations to view top-line indicators.

Monitors Business-Critical Functions

From water pump pressure to machine cleanliness, from espresso machines to filter machines, the app enables intuitive and quick entry of and access to the essentials.

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