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Magico Sports Agents’ Portal web app

We developed a web application that allowed Magic Sports’ agent clients to access lists of football players – both their own and those of others. The list will include detailed statistics on each player, and offers agents the functionality to place requests with individual players to play for specific clubs.

Platforms and Devices

Web App

Powerful Search Algorithms

Agents are able to search for players within the app based on a very wide range of criteria, mixing and matching these in various combinations. The power of this search function provides users with access to a large network of professional footballers from across the world to help fill specific positions at professional clubs within their own country.

Makes Scouting and Contracts Easier

The application would also offer each partner various contracts which they would need, such as player and club representation contracts and player and club exclusive mandate contracts.

“Magico Sports is a new business looking to become a hub for football agents across the world. Magico Sports is looking to sign up around thirty established football agents, each from a different country, who would be Magico Sports’ sole partners in their respective countries. 

“That’s why our web application is so important to our business model. In addition to the network of potential footballers, the partners would gain from having access to other services such as solicitors and Instat Football, a very detailed analysis of individual professional footballers throughout the world.”

Benefits of the app

Gives The Power To Users

The web app offers Magico’s partners full access to their player lists, allowing them to populate their players’ fields and keep them constantly updated.

Enables Peer-to-Peer Communication

Using direct messaging technology, the app cuts out the middle-man and provides agents with direct access to players and their agents.

Provides Library of Key Documents

The application provides each partner with the various contract templates they need, such as player and club representation contracts and player and club exclusive mandate contracts.

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