Local Global


iOS & Android


iPhone and Android

Development Time

6 months

Local Global is a contactless ordering app for pubs, bars and restaurants. It was derived and adapted from its sister app, Club Global, under the pressures of the pandemic. (That’s how diamonds are made, right?) But it’s not bound by today’s circumstances: it is the present and the future of hospitality.

Registered and approved venues are able to update their profile with menu items and prices which customers can access via Google Play and App Store. Alternatively, venues can generate a QR Code to further simplify the download process for their customers.

Once customers have downloaded the app and selected the venue they are in, they can view the menu and place their orders to be delivered straight to their tables. Orders can then be received on individual staff smartphones or simply from a dedicated venue device.

Local Global is also a great tool for driving orders and repeat visits to the venue.  Extra functions such as setting minimum spend and requesting deposits for pre-booked tables can provide a great way to reach desired profit margins.

Good design keeps up with the times.