Joseph Ash


iOS and Android


Mobile and Tablets

Development Time

3 months

Sometimes, a business simply needs a way to get their marketing materials closer to the customer. Print is still critical in this regard, but it’s also sometimes insufficient. Increasingly customers expect additional convenience and portability, and that means apps. For a business, getting your materials into someone’s pocket can be invaluable: not only do your travelling salespeople suddenly have instant and easy access to what they need, but customers can carry you anywhere, too.

Joseph Ash Galvanising (Joseph Ash) is a galvanising business based in the West Midlands. Their own brochure app is a little cleverer than a simple interpretation of a print brochure: not only does it contain all the information about a business that you might expect from their marketing materials; it also allows interaction. Having read all about Joseph Ash, a customer can take a photograph of any item and send it with various other details to the company for a quote – they’ll receive a notification when Joseph Ash replies. Marketing materials and a funnel for new business: that’s the power of an app.

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