Mobile and Web

Development Time

12 months with ongoing support

Jaguar Land Rover produces on average 1850 vehicles a day at their Solihull plant. That’s a lot of cars to move from production, to drive to allotted car parking spaces within a huge compound, and then to be able to find again and move to bays to be picked up by carriers (before being shipped across the globe). Three shifts undertake this work, with forty drivers per shift. That’s a lot of people driving a lot of cars across several handover points. When the firm came to us, all that activity – out of the plant, into the compound, into the bays – was all kept track of on paper.

That’s a lot of pressure on any paper-based system in a high-pressure context. That’s where digital comes in. Instead of a clipboard, we have armed JLR staff with an app. Instead of remembering and reporting which bay is home to which car, drivers scan in the VIN number, and our application recommends where to park the vehicle taking into account several factors including destination port. Not only that, but the app can monitor driver activity, making sure that workload is spread appropriately across each individual. The app knows where every bay is –and which are empty and when. It directs drivers automatically to the best bay for the vehicle they are driving and stores that new location. It’s revolutionised how the company handles those 1850 cars every day.

– and made life easier on everyone.

Good design fits right into a team’s daily worklife – and makes it better.