Genuine Dining





Development Time

4 Months

Genuine Dining based in London is an award-winning food service provider serving high-quality food to a dizzying range of businesses across the UK, from film studios to law firms and banks. Key to ensuring that each client is receiving the best possible service, of course, is quality assurance – and that means regular on-site inspections. The iPad app we developed for them has digitised these on-site checks, transforming how the company undertakes those visits.

We’ve made all data searchable, meaning Genuine Dining can more easily track trends and compare results. Not only that, but all these informatics have become instantly shareable, meaning that not only are they updated in real time – but that everyone who needs to know in the company can see the same numbers simultaneously.

Our App has helped Genuine Dining improve the quality of their food and service to even higher levels and is also helping them gain new clients who can see how committed they are to the best food to their clients employees.

Good design makes your data work better.