iOS, Android and Web-app


iPhone, iPad, Android mobile devices & desktop computers

Development Time

6 months – spec, design and build

GameGetter is the ultimate platform for any football club –  be it professional or grassroots (amateur). It allows the manager to arrange football fixtures for their team by matching with other clubs all around the country. 

Once a Club Profile Page is set up, game posts can be sent to the map with vital information such as the planned time, date, location and format for the game. These posts then get sent into the system before being intelligently distributed – in push notification form – to nearby teams which match the playing-level criteria. Teams can then apply to be considered for the game. The posting team can then choose to accept their favourite request.

Apart from a dedicated Club Profile page and access to the map, teams can also benefit from features such as Game Calendar to help manage and organise all their games in a timely manner.

Go Get a game!