Fraikin App


Android and Web



Development Time

12 months

FraikinView Mobile and Web App

We developed this fully-functioned fleet optimisation app for one of the nation’s largest fleet hire companies. Accessible by customers, suppliers and staff, it offers live data relating to vehicle defects and breakdowns, service histories, maintenance work and fleet scheduling.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction and Process Efficiency

Fraikin View enables unprecedented access for several different types of user to live data relating to the company’s various fleet vehicles – increasing confidence and improving productivity.

Mark Newnes, Operations Director at Fraikin, explains: “Fraikin View represents the culmination of more than two years of intensive planning and development. We had a clear vision for what we wanted to create at the outset, plus we’ve incorporated all of the features our customers told us they wanted.

“Fraikin View is completely bespoke to our business; as such, it will continue to grow in scope and capability along with our customers’ needs. It adds significant value to the service we already provide and serves as another string to our bow.”

Intuitive Interface

With three separate user types, the app was designed to be easy to use immediately. It replaced complex paper systems which were difficult to keep updated. The app makes keeping track of vehicles, and managing fleets, easy.

Manage business growth

Fraikin was growing fast – and its old systems were struggling to keep up. This app made the logistics of increased business easy.

Encourages adoption

The app is so intuitive, and sufficiently tailored to Fraikin’s precise needs, that staff express real enthusiasm for working with the software.

Makes data intelligent

Every company has an awful lot of information – but it’s what you do with that which counts. This app makes sense of all the data Fraikin collects, and allows the company to use that information to improve and enhance its business.