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Field Report Surveyor iPad App

For a surveyor, any site is a treasure trove of information. The app we developed for Bake & Co provided a simple, intuitive means to identify and record every salient item and datapoint. The app enables users to take photographs, mark them appropriately, and annotate each image in order to highlight issues and areas of interest. Interactive and intuitive, the app is like a clipboard – only better.

Platforms and Devices

iOS iPad App
Web Application

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Advanced Thinking: Work Smarter

On attending a site for survey, users can capture and save their images in a discrete and distinct report file, write up their notes or annotations within the same area of the app, and save all of this information in a single file to send back to the office.

In this way, every survey becomes consistent across the organisation, because the app controls the format in which information is recorded, stored and communicated. With all data stored and searchable in the app’s back-end system, the company’s surveys have become more usable – and useful – than ever.

Indeed, because the app automatically generates the necessary forms, surveyors have much less writing to do – making them more productive and freeing them up for what they’re really good at. By allowing instant image annotation, the app enables surveys to highlight areas of damage or concern immediately and whilst on location, ensuring every greater accuracy.

The perfect go between

The app is able to generate PDFs for, and send images to, the insurance companies with whom Bake & Co works – make communication with this key partner easier and more productive than before. With GEO tags included so that every location is tracked and accurate, the surveys become absolute gold standard documents which enable more efficient co-operation with the insurance companies.

The app sends data via WiFi, but can be operated offline – it can also work half-way around the world if it needs to, making long-distance surveying and communication more practicable than ever before. All of this makes the app far superior to the old paper versions of Baker & Co’s surveys – and brings surveying into the twenty-first century with style.

Loaded with great tools to perform even better

Loaded with all next surveys

All the surveyors are sent a push notification from the back office with their next job queued up, loaded with all the key information and ready to go.

Annotation tools for better communication

Communicating clearly with insurers is the best procedure to achieving a speedy turnaround time, so what better way of doing this than putting a set of annotation tools in the hands of the surveyor to illustrate the damaged goods.

Upload and send hundreds of photos

With the way our development team has constructed the app, there will be no issues uploading hundreds of photos out on the road.

Digital Signature

No more paper necessary, we’ve even got signatures covered. Not only does this make for a slick transaction, but the insurance claim is now on one tidy page, saving Baker & Co on printing costs and cluttered office storage.

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