iPad and iPhone

Development Time

3 Months

You’d expect us to respect our clients’ confidentiality – so you’ll have to forgive

us for being a little cloak-and-dagger about this one. Envisage are experts in

engineering, with strengths in design, model making and manufacture. Their

single-site process is perfectly suited to everyone from long production lines to

one-off builds.

We’ve completed two projects for Envisage, but one really is very hush-hush. The other? It’s an iOS-based app which acts as a remote control for the full-size prototype models which the firm builds for large car companies such as JLR and Aston Martin to show off their new wares at trade conferences. In other words, Evisage came to us with some very specific needs – and we have very successfully fulfilled them: both apps we’ve built for the firm are really interesting pieces of software that have got Envisage the results we were after.

Good design meets a need. But ssh: don’t tell anyone the secret.