Club Global


iOS and Android


Mobile and tablets

Development Time

5 months

Exclusive doesn’t have to mean excluding. Some of the finest private clubs in the world are situated in central London, and they trade on their rarefied atmosphere and high-quality service. On the other hand, they also thrive on custom – and there’s no shame in making it easier for patrons to make their way to your establishment. That’s where the Club Global app comes in, making it more convenient than ever to enjoy a great club.

Enabling table-booking in top-end clubs – where prices can reach £10,000 per night – the Club Global app simply connects members on a mission with clubs that have vacancies. Clubs which sign up to the app can manage numbers and prices – and users can check availability and book at a distance. Maybe the booking is an advance one for an important event – or a last-minute one made having cycled through a range of near-by venues. Whatever the need, Club Global brings club-going into the twenty-first century.

Good design opens doors.