BHSF Connect


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iPhone, iPad, Android devices and all modern browsers

Development Time

5 months

Employee benefits can make a huge difference, not just to the employees themselves but to the business that offers them. Offering good benefits improves recruitment and morale. In meeting their wider responsibilities to employees, a business makes itself a better place to work. Often, however, it can be difficult to educate employees about what benefits, precisely, they are entitled to access – and the packages you invest in are left under-utilised.

The BHSF app makes that predicament a thing of the past. Businesses who sign up to the BHSF suite of employee benefits can encourage their employees to download the company’s app – which features a full list of benefits, and often the coupons or links necessary to make the most of them. This allows your employees to claim their benefits more easily – and makes good on the promise of a great benefits package, all through the power of technology.