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Mobile and Web Applications from Apps Plus

Apps Plus has great case studies of how mobile applications and web applications have helped our clients such as Peugeot, Citroën, Hammonds Furniture and Pure Gym collect and distribute information and data much more quickly and efficiently.

Collaborating with AppsPlus

Launching your app idea

We  have a wide range of successful mobile and web applications. The secret of our success lies in the talent of our expert team, devising consumer products which can be taken to market with confidence. Our ‘Brazil Predictor’ app was used in fifty countries during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, ‘CaddieLinks’ launched to the App Store allowing golfers to share scorecards and create society competitions through their iPhone and ‘Magpie’ presentation app allowed clients deliver high quality, consistent material to customers easily and attractively.

Business to Business Apps

Replaced paper-based systems and out-dated technology with the latest digital magic: mobile and web apps streamline processes and offer instant capacity to make changes, submit reports and monitor developments. Apps offer smarter and more efficient ways for businesses to promote productivity and encourage increased take-up of core functionality.

App Consultancy

Sometimes a business can see a problem, but not so easily identify a solution – especially in an emergent area like mobile applications. That’s where we come in: our expertise in app design mean we apply them to your business systems and strategy. Take our work with Hammonds Furniture, an organisation with a structural need to introduce efficiency into their sales procedures. By reducing the lag-time between sales, fitters and customer’s payment all with a single app, we were able to generate an extra £130,000 profit per month!

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Application development starts with a conversation. All our app projects are shaped around the customer.