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Nov 14
The Business Benefits of Mobile Apps
Written by Emily Smith

Mobile applications are everywhere: the buzz around mobile apps extends from the pages of the newspapers to, of course, the screen of our phones. We might have played Angry Birds or booked our train tickets on a tablet; but how does mobile app development fit into business?

Mobile apps are used by a whole variety of businesses and commercial organisations, of course: you’ve probably used some of them yourself. Businesses turn to mobile app development when they are looking to provide key services to their customers in convenient and intuitive ways. Studies show that most SMEs rely on customer loyalty for their business growth – and mobile applications are a great way of encouraging loyalty.

From the ability to send ‘push notifications’ – short calls to action or reminders routed directly to your clients’ phones – to fully-fledged applications which allow access to your products and services at the push of a button, mobile app development offers businesses the opportunity to tie clients in ever closer to the services they already use.

They also provide communication the other way – from user statistics to feedback functions, and not forgetting those all-important social media shares, mobile applications for business really can spread the word and provide key metrics with which to plan and design future services and growth.

With mobile web usage losing out to mobile apps by a ratio of six to one, mobile applications really are the future of customer interaction with your online offering. Customers expect more than ever to be able to access the products and services they value on the go and instantly – and that expectation will only increase. Mobile app development is how you meet those expectations, and not only retain but increase your customer-base.

By placing your mobile app on the major mobile application stores such as Play and the Apple Store, you place your business where people will be searching for it – and at a stroke extend the value and reach of your proposition. Users are searching online for mobile app services that solve their problem now. Mobile app development can make your service the solution.

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